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About ETIC

East Texas Integrated Circuits (ETIC) is a leading supplier of motion control feedback encoders, standard and application specific integrated circuits (ASIC) for the motion control industry. ETIC product offerings include application specific integrated circuits, kit encoders, housed encoders, cable assemblies, and alignment tools for various industrial motion control applications such as robotic, servo motor, scientific equipment, elevator, and many more. Many popular industrial kit encoders and housed encoders can be found in ETIC offerings such as the US Digital E5 optical kit encoder equivalent and Nemicon 18S and 18M series miniature encoder.

Latest News

18M and 18S Series Miniature Incremental Encoder


The 18M and 18S series were designed based upon the Avago world smallest 3 channel reflective encoder module AEDR-850X. Th...

New Products

HEDC Series

The HEDC-5xxx-xxx incremental kit encoder, while similar to the industry standard HEDS-5xxx kit encoder, provides a connector latch on the cover housing to improve connector retention....